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Top tips on how to keep your Hilux lasting for many years

As a proud Toyota Hilux owner, you should definitely take care of your car so that it can last you for many years. If you take good care of it, we believe that you could even pass it down to your next generation.


It is no surprise that if you take care of your Hilux properly, the older it gets, the more value it can have. This also means that whenever you decide to sell it off, you will get a great return for it.


Here is how to keep your Hilux lasting for many years:


Get it Touched Up

Eventually, some small dents and scratches will accumulate on any car you use. You never know - someone could open their door in a parking lot and scratch your parked car, or a bicycle driving too close to your Hilux could hit the side mirror by mistake.


Immediately after any of these incidents occur, it is best to get the scratch or dent examined immediately. Do not sit on it for too long or think that the damage is not big enough. This is especially true if the scratch has spoilt the car's colour and reached the metal underneath. If the metal is exposed for too long, rust will start to build up on it.


Clean it Often and don't miss a service

We all know not to miss a service. However, cleaning is also important. If you don't have time cleaning your Hilux and taking it to a car wash are some of the best ways to take care of your car and very time effective. Moreover, you can also inspect the car, bodywork, and interior during this time. In case you notice any wear-and-tear, ask the professionals to fix it for you.


Any dealer you find will tell you that cleaning your car regularly will ensure that no permanent stain builds up on the body. For example, overfilling the tank of your car can cause fuel to find its way below the cap. This causes an off-colour stain that will become permanent if you do not clean your car.

Moreover, do not let road dust, grime, and pollution settle on the car's wheels. Otherwise, your Hilux's rims will eventually start to look dull.


Keep an Eye on your Fuel Economy

By closely monitoring your fuel economy, you can keep a note of the mechanical integrity. If you do not maintain your Hilux for years, you can eventually see the damage on the fuel economy figures. You will find published fuel economy figures of brand-new Hiluxes to compare to your used Hilux. If you find a huge difference, you may want to get the car looked at by a professional.


If you find a quick change in the fuel economy's figures, the chances of you requiring a mechanical service are high. However, if you are sure that your Hilux has been used for long distances in the past few weeks, the higher fuel consumption would make sense, meaning your engine is in good shape. This does not mean that you stop taking care of your car. Continue looking after it and dealing with any small damage that may occur!