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Useful parts you might find at your Hilux wrecker

The Toyota Hilux is a quality off-road vehicle, built to handle the tough Australian bush and its conditions. They are so tough that they carry the tag of being 'unbreakable', which is a nice slogan, but ultimately not entirely true.


While your Hilux is much more likely to cop an off-road flogging than its competitors, there is still going to be damage along the way; even regular city driving can result in parts failing over the years. Luckily, there are some real treasures to be found at your wrecker, with many parts from older model vehicles compatible with more recent models. Here are some of the best Hilux spare parts you to keep an eye out for at your local wrecker.



If you are planning on taking your Hilux off-road, a bullbar is essential to assist in the case of an animal strike. It is advisable to have one regardless, because these strikes can easily occur on the highway as well and cause major damage and serious injury.

The same bullbar attachment will fit the 2005 to 2011 models of Hilux so there should be plenty of options at your local wrecker.


Side steps

If there is any flaw to taking a Hilux off-roading, it is that it will give your vehicle's side steps a thrashing. Many of these sit lower than the chassis and can be torn apart by rocks, branches and other debris. Fortunately, many people don't take their Hilux into the scrub for a good old bush bash, preferring to stick to city driving. You can easily pick up a few spare sets of side steps at the wreckers for the next time you tear yours off trying to reach the perfect camping spot.


The intake system

There are up to 170,000 Hilux, Fortuner and Prado off-roaders in Australia that have a known flaw with the intake system. Dust intrusion can lead to engine power reductions and the disconnection of active safety systems. This usually happens in areas that are the dustiest, like rural and remote locations, but it's not a Toyota recall issue.

The dust particles get through the clean side of the air intake system and attach to the mass airflow sensor (MAF) which then sends a message out to reduce power to prevent further damage.

If your Hilux is experiencing this problem, a second-hand air intake system and MAF can be cheaply acquired from the wreckers.


The gearbox

The good news for owners is that Hilux engine parts and gearbox specs haven't changed an awful lot over the years. The same model can be interchanged for those from 2002-05 and 2008-15, giving you plenty of buying power on the second-hand market.

If you have one of those models, a gearbox from any of those other years will happily sit in your drivetrain and save you shelling out for a brand-new gearbox


The differential

Like the gearbox, the Hilux diff is also interchangeable across many models.

The same one can be attached to 2009-15 models and the 2017 Hilux which again gives you plenty of scope for shopping for one on the cheap. If in doubt, you can always ask your Hilux diff centre for advice. 


What treasures have you picked up at your local wrecker?