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5 weird custom Toyota Hilux builds

The Toyota Hilux is a staple in Australia society. It's been one of the biggest selling utes in Australia for ages and has cemented itself as one of Australia most beloved cars.


But, with so many on the roads, how can you make yours stand out? Sure, you might have a great paint job or a cool custom canopy, but I'm talking about creating one of those cars that people stop to look at in awe, even when it's just parked out the front of the local grocery shop.


As some inspiration for your creative and fun modifications, we've compiled a list of some of the weirdest, coolest and most creative Toyota HiLux custom builds.



  1. Tonka Truck

Every kid dreams of living out Toy Story, complete with life-size versions of their favourite toys. So, why not create a Tonka Truck out of your HiLux? Not only will you be the number one parent at the school gate, but the yellows and blacks of the design stand out amongst a traffic jam full of white and silver HiLuxs.


A bonus, other than a custom paint job, you can completely customise the design to match your needs without sacrificing the functional appeal of your car. However, if you really want to take your modification to the next level, second-hand Hilux parts can really add to the authenticity. Plus, the extra add-ons look super cool.


  1. Retro Ute

With the first Hilux going into production in 1968, a retro makeover is a groovy homage to your car's history. Plus, it's pretty perfect if you're the type of person to stick surfboard or two in the tray from time to time.


What's great about this design is that lends itself it completely to what your personal style. If your favourite colour is blue, paint some blue and orange retro-inspired stripes around the tray. If you like the pale tan leather interiors of the past, deck your car out in those.


A retro custom build allows you to play with colour and texture - think faux leather and wood panelling, and vintage HiLux parts - for a unique look.


Bonus points, if you manage to get a tape deck or (even better) a record player in there.


  1. Walk on the Wild Side

A full faux-fur leopard print car sounds scary because in a lot of ways it is. It takes a specific type of person (one could say... wild) to have the guts to be able to drive around town in a ute that looks like a wild animal. Plus, this custom build can be pushed to extremes - like faux teeth coming of the nudge bar or red leather interiors.


  1. Colour Crazy

I know a good paint job is one of the most basic updates for your car, but most people overlook the sheer numbers of options available. Rather than opting for a simple, custom colour, go all out.


Patterns are a great way to make your vehicle stand out. Whether you're after a classic flame or a dramatic animal print or camouflage design, the options are only limited by your own creativity.