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A tradesman should always get their vehicle serviced regularly

Even though getting a vehicle serviced may seem time-consuming, tedious, and expensive, it is especially important for a tradesman. Since tradesmen engage in trade, they are more likely to use their heavy vehicles every day. However, they keep putting off servicing the vehicle because there is no law ensuring that they do so.


However, what do most motorists look for when buying a second-hand vehicle? The FSH (Full-Service History)! This shows that since new, the vehicle has been fully serviced. To determine whether your vehicle needs to be serviced, you need to look at the age of the vehicle and mileage.


Here are some reasons why tradesmen should always get their vehicle serviced regularly:


1.   Warranty

For those individuals who own a vehicle that is under the manufacturer warranty, they want to ensure that their vehicle is serviced regularly each month on time, without fail.


If this is not done, the vehicle may get damaged. Moreover, the manufacturer may reduce to pay for the repairs of the vehicle.


2.   Your Vehicle Needs It

Keep in mind that vehicles are complex mechanical machines that have a number of moving parts within. To ensure that everything is running smoothly, the oil needs to be maintained and changed. Moreover, to make sure that dust and dirt are not getting into the oil, the filters of the vehicle must be maintained.


Do you want to know an easy trick to see whether your vehicle needs an oil change? Check the colour of the oil! If you notice a thick black substance, your vehicle needs to be serviced. Otherwise, a golden-brown colour will last you a few more days.


3.   Safety

Most services also offer full vehicle health checks. This means that the mechanics who are checking your vehicle will also look at the breaks, suspension, and tyres, to ensure that the vehicle can be operated safely and smoothly.


The truth is, no one has the time or energy to check their tyre tread each time they use their vehicle. Of course, this is something that everyone must do, but on most days, we are running late for

work. If you opt for regular service, you do not have to worry about doing this on your own.

The mechanics will check to see if the tyres are within legal treat limit and that they are not worn out. Going without checking tyre tread can be dangerous, especially for older vehicles.


4.   Helps Save Money

We all know that servicing a vehicle can feel pricy. However, when you part-exchange or sell the vehicle privately, you will get all your money back.


Wondering how?


When you part-exchange, the dealer subtracts any cost of services that the vehicle has not gone through. This is because most dealers want to show the vehicle as being fully serviced. This means you still have to pay for it. So, why not just pay when it is due?


Remember, a dirty engine that lacks oil will burn through more fuel. This will result in higher costs for you per month, along with a sluggish ride, might even burn your engine! Who wants that, right?