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Tips when looking for the right salvage vehicle parts

Having a car makes your life a lot easier. A drive to Maccas at 10 pm? Going to work on a rainy day? Taking a new date around town? You are in control of your own comfort and transportation. 


But, having a car also means that you have to take extra time, energy, and cash to care for it. There won't be secret magic elves coming out and giving you a free car service when you're asleep. Fuel and car maintenance alone already costs a lot, imagine if you need to repair or replace a specific car part? Sometimes it can even cost more than the price of the car itself! It's really important to learn at least one or two hacks about vehicle maintenance using salvage vehicle parts to save your time and money. 


4 Tips For Salvage Car Part Shopping 

  1. Source the right part for your car 

Finding the right part for your car can be tricky because it needs to come in the same model.  Although some parts can look similar, they may not fit in your car or function as well. Knowing the year, make, and model of your car will help you to find the right part for your car. You can also check your Vehicle Identification Number to specify which parts were used to assemble your car. 

  1. Judge how well it works for your car

So you've confirmed that the part is going to work for your car. The next on the checklist is to see how suitable it is for your car. For example, if the part comes in other colour, it may cost more to repaint it (unless you're experimental and all in for the patch-like look). If the part doesn't look visually appealing but isn't visible from the outside, then maybe you can still work it out. Does it need a fuse or extra cable to work in your car that you can source from the salvage car.


Another important thing that you need to verify is the age of the part you're getting. Some parts may last, but some don't. This will affect how well it functions for your car. 

  1. Check the warranty

Used parts rarely come with a long warranty, but a good and reputable auto repair company will at least offer a limited one. After all, there are more risks that come with buying used car parts.

  1. Do your calculations and save! 

Always evaluate the seller's description of the part's history and the price that they offer you. The price of a fully repaired salvage car is usually 60% of what a brand new one will cost. You can use that as a rough calculation for purchasing parts. If your seller demands for more than that, then you should either bargain or leave it. Here's why you also need to find a legitimate seller with good reputation.


This sometimes seems like a tricky deal, especially if you aren't so much of a car enthusiast. But you want to spend your money carefully. Follow these tips and your inexpensive salvage part could save you thousands.