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Which Toyota Should You be Driving?

Japanese auto-maker Toyota is Australia's most popular car brand and for good reason. Toyota is known for producing a range of incredibly reliable and practical vehicles to suit every demographic. The brand's wide appeal means finding parts is a cinch, and all their new vehicles come with 5 star ANCAP safety ratings.


But which Toyota model should you buy?

It's a good question. Because of its popularity globally, Toyota has been able to diversify into pretty much every car market; from the lovable little Corolla to the classy Supra sport to the perennial tradie favourite: the HiLux.


In fact across the Australian market Toyota sells about 20 different models! Because we don't have time to list the pros and cons of each model in this blog we've unpacked the two most important questions you need to ask to find your perfect Toyota.


How Will I Use My Car?

Most people instinctively do a basic needs-assessment to decide on certain features like: 

  • The minimum number of seats
  • The approximate size of the vehicle. Note Toyota's range extends from the snub-nosed Yaris right up to the self-proclaimed King of the Road LandCruiser so you have plenty of options
  • Whether 4x4 capacity is needed
  • Whether a tray back is needed. Have we mentioned how much we love the Toyota HiLux? -If you're agonising over which Hi-Lux model is right for you, check out our top pick.

However when you fall in love with a particular Toyota model it's easy to overlook other key features, so it's worth asking yourself further questions about how you'll use your car including:

  • Will the model I want actually fit in my garage?
  • Do I need towing capacity? (Toyota tow bars are designed and installed to above Australian standards so if you choose to add one later make sure it meets the same high standards)
  • How many km am I likely to do in my car each year? This will help you determine how much a priority fuel economy is

What's My Budget?

This one probably sounds like a no-brainer; most of us will determine the highest sale price we can handle before starting the hunt. However, it's important to factor in not only the upfront cost but also the running costs.


Running Costs

You can easily research the fuel efficiency of different Toyota models to calculate your estimated yearly fuel expenditure. Then you'll also want to get some sense of repairs and servicing costs. If buying a second hand Toyota, be well aware of its service history so you can factor into your budget expensive maintenance items like a new timing belt or radiator.


Another aspect to consider in the running cost is the expected depreciation rate of your vehicle. Toyotas generally depreciate fairly slowly given their reliability and the ease with which quality parts can be found.


Note, to get a sense of which Toyota models are the most cost effective to run, check out the Royal Automotive Club of Victoria's running cost calculator.


We hope this blog will help you on the way to finding the perfect Toyota for you. For all your Toyota parts and servicing needs contact JH Auto Parts today.


Toyota also has a handy (if basic) feature on their website to help you decide which Toyota model is right for you.